Four Doors opportunities for Young Professionals: Internships

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The chapters you write during your Internship journey at SES will help determine the main plot of your career in the future.

Take a step through the doors of this exciting world where you will have an abundance of opportunity to learn and grow.  Not only will you have a great adventure of working life in an international environment, but you will deepen your knowledge of all things extraordinary in space.

In 2019, we welcomed more than 130 interns across our business.  Many of whom we’ve taken on permanently to continue their story at SES.  Rest assured that this is not a photocopying, tea-making type of programme. Our internships give you a hands-on, a meaningful, and relevant experiences to empower you for your bright future ahead.

We partner with the biggest and best universities out there, with our programmes lasting from 2 to 6 months.

Take your story anywhere. Apply to be an SES intern today.

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SES is an Equal Opportunity Employer and welcomes diversity!


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