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Engineer, Satellite Telecommunications Systems (O3b mPOWER)

Requisition Number:  11403
Contract Type:  Permanent

Washington DC, US Manassas, VA, US



Telecommunications Systems Engineering is an end-to-end user-centered process that translates business requirements stemming from the Customer-facing entities and Corporate Development areas into technical systems that are centered around or include satellites. The activity includes:

  • Translation of customer business needs into a system concept
  • Definition of measureable parameters that reflect the system’s performance vis-à-vis customer requirements
  • Partition and Apportionment of overall system requirements into the various components of the system.
  • Establishment of industrial organization to build the individual components of the system
  • Determination and allocation of resources necessary to accomplish the system design and implementation
  • Creation and control of a technical project to design, implement and operate the system
  • Assessment of performance at every step of the system implementation and later on during its operational phase, and feed back into lessons learned for future implementations
  • Creation of technical tools to assist in the development of the system or its utilization by non-technical internal or external customers

Extended Job Description:


  • Synthesize end-to-end satellite-centric system designs that meet customer requirements
  • Perform trade-offs of different architectures according to customer requirements
  • Apportion technical requirements for each element of the system
  • Support internal customer in meetings with external customers to assist and provide technical solutions
  • Act as System Architect in specific projects as designated by management
  • Act as Account Holder to internal customer as designated by management
  • Act as System Designer of space and terrestrial systems as designate by management
  • Perform due diligences, validation tests and audits on prospective and existing suppliers of space and ground assets
  • Maintain awareness of and spur development of space and ground hardware in line with SES’s strategic plan
  • Interact with corporate development, customer-facing entities and the other areas in the technical department as required to perform the above tasks 
  • Execute studies to pave SES’s path to the business expansion and diversification as mandated in the strategic plan
  • Learn and utilize existing technical tools, or develop new ones as required,  to assist in the achievement of the technical work
  • Provide support to the innovation activities in the respective area of expertise, bringing into SES fresh knowledge acquired in academia and recent work experience
  • Contribute to specific innovation related projects as they would be identified


On all above areas, the expected outputs are: clear, concise, timely and constructive contributions and recommendations regarding all areas referred to above, based on solid engineering knowledge and experience



  • Talent for technology, interest in both theory and practical work
  • Skills for communicating and ability to explain technical subjects to layman efficiently
  • Sound analytical skills, innovative mind, result orientation, abstraction skills, coordination & priority setting facility, problem solving, project & time management, vendor and customer relation skills, diplomatic skills as well as the ability to provide practical conclusions
  • Ability to interface with business and other technical areas within SES and work both autonomous and in interdisciplinary teams including ability to take responsibility for work packages and topics
  • Writing skills for technical documents including specifications and studies
  • Good communication skills and team-spirit
  • Willingness to integrate into an international environment
  • A demonstrated ability to work across organizational boundaries
  • Courage to act upon convictions
  • Power of concision
  • Personal Integrity
  • Ethical behavior
  • Focus and objectivity
  • Ability to multitask
  • Provide candid feedback
  • Ability to face up to problems quickly and take action
  • A willingness to be self-critical and learn from mistakes
  • Ability to act within her or his circle of competence and to discern the boundary



  • Theoretical knowledge of satellite and associated technologies, telecommunications networks, digital signal processing, RF transmission systems and utilization.
  • University diploma in telecommunications or related field, higher degree (MSc, PhD) being an asset;
  • 5 + years’ experience in Satellite Communications / Telecommunications industry
  • Experience in satellite manufacturing industry is desired
  • Knowledge of project financial structure
  • Fluency in English (any other language being an asset)




Key performance indicators:

      • Delivery of correct translation of business requirements into technical and programmatic terms
      • Educate customer to understand the overall end-to-end view of the system in which the customer is embedded
      • Delivery of timely and precise system solutions that meets the requirements set forth by the cognizant business area


Main interfaces to other departments:

      • Business development (central and regional offices, frequency coordination)
      • Commercial customer-facing entities SES Video and SES Networks (regional offices, government services, USGS, consumer equipment groups, standardization groups, sales engineering)
      • Space infrastructure (procurement and operations groups)


Specific projects:

      • Architect in technical end-to-end system including detailed generation and assessment of the O3b mPOWER including Use Cases.
      • Application of new hardware and tools to add value to SES business
      • Account holder for internal customers
      • Interface with external customers/partners
      • All work performed internally and in conjunction with external entities like space industry, ESA and other institutions with the objective to develop technical solutions for the SES business



SES is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.

Nearest Major Market: Washington DC

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