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Software Engineer, Satellite Operations Architecture

Requisition Number:  16634
Contract Type:  Permanent

Betzdorf, LU



The Software Engineer, Operations Architecture will develop operational software components and solutions for the automated control of the SES fleet of satellites.

The Software Engineer, Operations Architecture will master a variety of software technologies, communication middleware, databases, interpreted and compiled programming languages, scripts, development environments, proprietary and open-source tools. Being fluent in the software technologies is essential for the efficient execution of the assigned tasks.

The understanding of satellite operations (or a strong motivation to acquire it) is the second important pillar to be effective in the position. Telemetry processing, command construction and timing, automated procedures, operations scheduling, monitoring and control of satellite and ground equipment are everyday’s challenges for the Software Engineer, Operations Architecture.


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Extended Job Description:




  • Continuously improve the safety and level of automation of SES fleet operations.
  • Specify, develop and test operational software for the automated monitoring and control of the SES fleet as well as for newly procured satellites platforms
  • Develop and verify automated flight procedures in SPELL (Python-based language)
  • Manage satellite operational databases that define telemetry and telecommands
  • Develop algorithms for improved satellite monitoring ("derived telemetry")
  • Develop and execute automated testing sequences for ground software and satellite procedures




  • System view (“full-stack”) and strong motivation to develop understanding of interactions of all the disciplines involved in the satellite operations (satellite engineering, ground software and hardware, baseband, TT&C chain, operations) or a strong motivation to develop them.
  • Quick learner and willingness to learn new languages and concepts quickly
  • Ability to understand the operational needs of future satellites
  • Objective, rational and multidisciplinary thinking
  • Ability to face up to problems quickly and take action
  • Understanding of the needs of customers, the viewpoint of partners and the problems of suppliers
  • Ability to act within her or his circle of competence and awareness of boundaries
  • Ability to explain the why something needs to be done and ability to achieve buy-in
  • Good communication skills and ability to efficiently work across multiple teams




  • Master’s degree in computer engineering, Computer Science or Information Technology
  • 2 years of relevant experience
  • Affinity with space technology and prior experience in aerospace is an asset
  • Strong experience using Linux as primary OS for development.
  • Fluency in bash command line tools and debugging
  • Experience in compiled (e.g., C, C++, Java, Go) and interpreted (Python) programming languages
  • Experience with revision control tools: you use Git on daily basis.
  • Good knowledge in software testing methods and how to apply them effectively.




  • Python, C#, C++, Java (incl. Eclipse IDE), C, Lua, Git
  • Linux/Unix, Windows
  • Interface layers: Kafka, REST, gRPC, ZMQ
  • Relational databases (e.g., MySQL)
  • Test automation tools (Squish)
  • Languages for automation of Satellite Operations (SPELL, CECIL, ARES, PIL)

SES is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer


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